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4 the Luv of it

The GoodFoot Collective’s 14th“For the Luv of it” in Seattle was an uplifting weekend that organized a panel of OG Bgirls to speak on its “Our Story, Our Scene '' discussion. Rokafella and Aiko Shirakawa were able to participate with help from the United Hip Hop Vanguard along with other featured dancers AsiaOne, Anna Banana Freeze, Tiffany Jimini Bong moderated by local icons, bgirls Naj and May. This event’s 14th year, organized with local Cypher Queenz chapter, celebrated their 5th anniversary and the Birthday for @NajtheMirage. Jimini Bong, Aiko, AsiaOne and Rokafella also facilitated workshops that weekend. Shout to the team, volunteers, Youth Collective, the dancers who competed, the Winners and the organizers IG @missmaymae and @laocreative for your dedication to the community. Thank you to Full Circle for your support.

You can watch the Panel Discussion on the @AlltheLadiesSay Instagram

here: Part 1 and Part 2

November 4th the Vanguard will be supporting CUDA at "Off the Hook Jam" in New Jersey. CUDA Culture will be presenting NBK with the Legacy award in continuation of their project to document New Jersey’s Breaking history. They will also be introducing the Breaking sessions code of conduct which you can find below.

The code of conduct was created by Breakers after a UHHV meeting was held in February of this year to foster unity and cultural awareness in the scene. The need for emotional safety was priority and a group of Breakers founded the NY Breaking Alliance and began to meet in person and then on Zoom to make a list of agreed points that can be displayed at Breakin sessions to shift personal and group attitudes when training together. If you would like a copy or an orientation please contact us.

November Nov 17-19th Furious Styles Crew will be celebrating their 30th anniversary in Phoenix, Arizona with Breaking, Aerosol and DJ Battles as well as dance performances, a panel discussion and film exhibition.

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