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Back to Back Celebrations for Hip Hops 50th

Full Circle at the Landmark Festival. (From Left: Miss CC, Spex Boogz, Flonetik, Fresh Frank, Monica, Kate, Kwikstep, Rokafella, Erica, Mantis, Beasty.) Photo Credit: Robert Adam Mayer

Congratulations to Bboy Summit and No Easy Props on another incredible year of Bboy Summit! What an amazing weekend celebrating hip hop culture at Grand Park.

The festival kicked off with an opening ceremony with a Lion dance by the East West Lion Dancers Troupe, an organization that provides cultural programs for L.A. youth.

Day one offered dance workshops and a Lunch and Learn series with 2 Panel discussions. Day two there were Poppin' and Breakin' battles. Dj’s Jazzy Jay, Shortkut and Prince Paul blessed the turntables and rocked it for the battles. Closing the festival weekend was the legendary duo EPMD. Heartfelt thank you to Asia One and her team of Hip Hop leaders. Congrats to all the competitors and thank you to all who attended this years milestone event marking the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop.

Our partners in Cleveland, Ohio 10k Movement hosted their third annual Lords of the Land festival July 28, 29th and 30th– three days of Popping, Hip Hop and Breaking workshops as well as competitions in all three of those categories with Showcases on day 3. Congratulations to 10k and their team on the third LOTL and thank you for your continued dedication to uplifting the dance communities of Cleveland.

The Vanguard is proud to have supported both events with funding, We look forward to sharing media once it becomes available.

Full Circle performed on day two of the Landmark festival Sunday July 30th, a music, dance and art exhibit presented by @kate_nyc_ in East Harlem. Rokafella performed original music while Dj KS360 mixed Just Begun live as a tribute to Jimmy Castor and Beasty premiered a Beatboxed tribute to Biz Markie with Full Circle dancers Fresh Frank, Spex Boogz, Mantis, Flonetik, Monica, Erica, and Miss CC.

Coming up August 12th 12 - 7pm

The Vanguard is also excited to be supporting the Launch of CUDA Cultures Archive series.

In celebration of the 50 years of Hip Hop in Jersey City CUDA Culture will be recognizing Dwayne Wright, a pioneering breaker from Jersey City and Bayonne, with an award for his role in keeping b-boying alive in his hometown. CUDA will present a short video of Dwayne Wright's interview and give him a small honorarium and award at the event.

Bboys and Bgirls are invited to represent breaking in the cyphers as the original Hip Hop dance in Jersey City. Pioneering elders attending the event will also be highlighted as we continue our efforts to fulfill our joint mission to keep the integrity of Hip Hop culture pure and educational in all of our events. CUDA Culture will be distributing hard copies and making available digital copies of the "Breaking Sessions: Code of Conduct" posters for breaking instructors and dance studio owners who are attending the event, in an effort to prioritize the safety and well-being of all participants in our breaking sessions and breaking community.

This event is presented by JCPAL (Jersey City Police Athletic League, in collaboration with Graffiti Artist Juan "Cheese" Vasquez) and taking place at the Newark Pedestrian Plaza, just a short walk from the Grove Street PATH Station (behind the historical Morlees Store, 160 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302).

Thank you to the Ford Foundation once again for making so many national dance activities run even smoother and reach even higher heights this 2nd year.

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