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Cleveland DJ and Breakin exchange

Our first stop on this Vanguard project was filled with powerful affirmations. The Torch Cypher in Cleveland, Ohio brought so many people together from Ohio, Michigan, China, France, Lithuania, Chicago, Montreal and NYC plus dancers from Akron, Columbus, Cincinnati who repped on the floor!

We were excited to bring Grand Wizard Theodore along with DJ DP One to the event as well as Kwik and Rok.

The DJ exhibition Battle between DJ Nu ERA and DJ ESO had us all vibin during the break between the semi finals. The DJ and Breakin workshops were well attended by students of varying skill levels. Workshop pictures below shot by Rokafella.

Two photos above are of Dj DPOne during his section of the DJ workshop and the 2nd photo is with OG BBoy Dre Live and Kwikstep with students.

10K gave Theodore a Lifetime achievement award (1st picture on this blog)

and a Birthday cake shaped like a turntable at the Rowley Inn.

The discussions uplifted many of the original DJ and MCs. There were a last minute addition to the Day 2 panelists including MC Suave, DJ Johnny O, MC Chill and even a 68 year old radio personality who made moves for Hip hop back in the day and he still has a radio show today… Silver B. You can Google him. The discussion also gave props to the local youth for getting out there and carrying the legacy. Some people, including Wyno, House, Vcky Smallz, tuned into the discussion on Day 1 via the Zoom and we thank them for their support and presence. In the Day 2 panel discussion, we did request for Breakers to get to know original Breaks – the title and artists. Those bands back then made us move the way we do because the musicians were in the zone and inspired how dancers reacted. The drummer and the dancer have an undeniable connection. Thank you to the

Future steps are going to be discussed by the community in a follow up meeting. One thing for certain, we all left feeling visible and encouraged.


Thank you @10kmovement and the Ford Foundation for partnering with @fullcirclesouljahs to make magic happen! Big thank you to Buck Out Studios and Viva Dance Studios for helping to offer space for this kind of culture focused gathering. Thank you to Maddy, Anastasia, SamMac and Forrest Get em Gump for helping to reach out and plan this to the last detail! Thank you to Tony Fresh for hosting and to Nerve DJs for setting up the DJ equipment both days!

Looking ahead to Phoenix, Arizona in April! Stay inspired.

Thank you to Bgirl Destanation ( IG @wixdesignr ) for designing and developing this website. You really rock!

Photo below is at the Red Lion Graffiti Tattoo Barbershop with legendary writers Dayzwhun Poke and Soul!

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