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Happy Birthday Hip Hop!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

We kicked off August's Hip Hop's Birthday celebrations on August 12th by supporting CUDA Culture as they recognized one of Jersey City’s breaking pioneers Dwayne Wright aka Bboy Loose with the Hip Hop Breakin’ Pioneer award for keeping breakin' traditions alive in Jersey City and Hudson County. It was an outdoor event that featured all the elements of hip hop culture with, space for the dancers to cypher, live performances and artwork and of course a DJ.

Congratulations to Ground Intellect who was also awarded by her community for her outstanding leadership.Thank you and congrats to all the visionaries on the CUDA team for the work you do to honor and preserve our shared Hip Hop legacy and history. We are proud to partner with you.

Thank you to Full Circle Souljahs for helping to fund this project with support from the Ford Foundation.

On August 19th we were at Break legacy 50 at the Graffiti Hall of Fame which included a collaboration between Full Circle and Dynamic Rockers crews. Hosted by Kid Glyde, Rokafella and Kwikstep, A memorable multi-generational showcase battle was organized featuring OG vs Young G dancers Chino, Future, Fresh Frank, Break Easy, Ijola Fitts, Jiggz, Mantis, Drowzy, Pollo, and Indio. There was also a 1v1 all styles battle judged by the crowd. Congrats to Bboy Static the first place winner and also second place winner Kokoro. Shout out to all the competitors. Thank you to DJ Gabriel Furman who provided the music. We supported the event with @Gotprofit. The battle was captured by Bboy Flonetik you can watch it at the link HERE.

The Vanguard also represented at the New Jersey Puerto Rican Heritage parade and festival this year with CUDA Culture and NBK, our Jersey breaking family. Thank you to Bgirl G.I Jane who organized a breaking showcase for the concert after the parade to rep for Hip Hop and its New Jersey and afro caribbean contributions during the 50th anniversary.

Thank you to MultoMedia and Sanchez digital photography for the photos.

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