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Honoring our Breakin' Legacy

The 50th anniversary Salsa fusion performance for the New York International Salsa Congreso was a success. Rokafella collaborated with Legendary Choreographer Ismael Otero to bring a fun dance piece that highlights the differences and similarities of Salsa and Hip hop/Breakin'.

It is not lost on us that 50 years ago in August, the Fania all stars took over Yankee stadium, and that month also marked a party by Kool Herc that would become the milestone of Hip hop chronology. Two huge milestones to be celebrated in one dance piece.

Thank you to Caribbean Soul Dancers and to Full Circle for bravely positioning Latinos in the mix at a time in NYC where being creative and connected to the drum was the saving grace for so many.

The Graffiti Hall of Fame Break Legacy 50 was a powerful reflection of NYC’s Breakers and all Style dancers surrounded by murals of Graffiti masterpieces. Thank you to Dynamic Breakers and Full Circle Souljahs who collaborated to select the Top 16 and the OG vs Young G five person teams. The weather was perfect and the stars were there from all generations and boroughs! It was important to hear each of the contestants shout out their teachers/crews and their business lines so people can see the multi dimensionality of our dance family. Shout to DJ Dre and to the Hitters who were also present to share their magic with the audience– the audience picked the winners each time! Check the OG vs Young G video here. Shout to Static who won 1st place and to Kokoro who took 2nd.

CUDA culture in Jersey City has been working on archiving the local Breakin’ innovators with a short digital video library and they recently participated in the Puerto Rican Day festival. They marched to represent the legacy of Breakin’ in Jersey City as carried by Puerto Rican dancers back in the 80’s. The Vanguard helped to support their participation and will continue to help GI Jane and Krushan to keep the local dance community moving into the future confidently.

Coming up, Seattle will host “For the Love of It” and will include legendary Bay Area Popper Aiko Shirakawa for the all female Hip hop dancer panel discussion alongside Asia One (our co-founder) Anna Banana, and Bonita. Workshops, Breakin and All-styles battles will also happen during that weekend. for more info go to

Mark your calendar for the Furious Styles 30th anniversary celebration happening mid November in Phoenix Arizona. We will be there to support our other co-founder Bboy House as he gets the festivities going and marks a milestone for his crew that has branched out into so much more. Let’s show love to a South West pillar that has helped to embrace the tradition and evolution of their dance community. learn more at

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