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June Vanguard Recap/Upcoming July Events

Congrats to Ian Flaws and his team celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Bboy Factory!

Our Denver Hip hop family was shining bright at Brother Jeff's community center for Day 1 of the weekend long celebration. The discussion was deep and long overdue. There is a sense of both "For us by us" and "it takes a village"in the community that has helped to keep the studio open and thriving. The discussion at Brother Jeff’s location helped to give insight to the history of Denver’s Hiphop and Breakin scene from back in the day to today. It was great to also hear the journeys of Bgirl Rose, Chris Billie Jean/The Voice and BBoy Fienz!! Thank you Asia One who helped to organize the panelists and thank you to all who attended, battled and supported! Lordz of Finesse was in the house with Dent, Fienz, Marz, DJ Chonz and Los!

Shoutout to the rising stars who entered the battles especially the champs Bgirl Sasha Fox, Bboy Stray Curt, Youth Breakin champ Charlie Fresh and the Freestyle champ Enock. Everybody was standing tall and sharing good vibes right from the jump off on Friday to the workshops on Sunday! The OG Cypher was unique and historic. DJ’s Grand Wizzard Theodore, DJ A-L , DJ DP One and DJ KS360 really kept the weekend lit and groovin'!

We hope that the Vanguard will continue to build strong bridges with the community as time passes. Happy Birthday to Kwikstep who celebrated with his Denver family during the weekend of Anniversary events! shout to the Lords of Finesse crew still present and upholding Hiphop in Denver.. Fienz, DJ Chonz, Dent, Marz, Los and the others in the family!

Members of our National Hip hop dance Family assembled for the ProAm’s 25th anniversary in Miami on June 11th and 12th with a line up of performances and battles that kept everyone excited and hopeful about the future of Hip hop dance and Breakin. USA Breakin was in the building to help the provide an accurate presence of the competitive aspects of the genre.

The United Hip hop Vanguard invited collaborators from Arizona and Ohio to share experience and thoughts about the trajectory of Breakin from back in the day alongside of BBoy Speedy Legs and Bboy Crumbs timelines to today’s present status with local rising star Bgirl Apollo who was invited by Path to Hip hop Inc to participate in the discussion. Shout to Bboy House and SammyMac who brought their experience in the panel discussion and in the cypha dancing when the time came for rockin! Shout to Aiko who traveled to Miami to support the anniversary. Big ups to the judges Ronnie, Beta and Crumbs working the USA Breakin Judging system to award BBoy Choky the first place award!

Below is a short interview with Rokafella by DJ Trails.

The Vanguard presented a discussion during the 25th anniversary of the Pro Am Dance and DJ Expo in Miami. National dance ambassadors AIko, Sammy Mac, Grand Wizzard Theodore BBoy House, Kwikstep and Rokafella visited the new location of the Museum of Graffiti in Wynwood to connect the elements while visiting Miami. Shout to Ket and Mare and the entire team at the museum.

Coming up in July, Kwikstep, Grand Wizzard Theodore and Rokafella will travel to Los Angeles for the Bboy Bgirl Summit during the weekend of July 16-17th. The Vanguard will collaborate with No Easy Props to help make the event insightful including the concerns and ideas that have come up for the future of Breakin and Hip hop during the the prior Cultural activations scheduled in 2022 with the help from grant funding made possible by The Ford Foundation. You can check out the Instagram @bboysummitofficial for more info. In August we will travel to Portland Oregon for Skillfest week of events. Check back here.

If you would like to help join our volunteer team, please hit us up here and we will gladly welcome you to our Vanguard support squad to help us with promotions, event management, social media and general operations. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you at our upcoming activities. Congratulations to Styles Elements Crew 28th anniversary!!

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