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March Recap / April Newsletter

March was also a busy month for Hip hop as it celebrated the sisterhood in the communities!

The Women's History month screening of the "All the Ladles Say" documentary brought together generations, cities, and styles of classic Hip hop dance! Funding from the United Hip hop Vanguard project made travel possible for our esteemed guests Aiko and Sha Rock.

The Nuyorican Poets Cafe is also celebrating 50 years of existence, so it was a powerful and layered Friday celebration!

Aiko, who is featured in the film, brings her West Coast flavor and knowledge, and triple OG Pioneer Icon MC Sha Rock shared her insight from a time when Hip hop was still raw and emerging!

The panelists include Tiffany, Tara, and GI Jane moderated by the film producer / director Rokafella. The film editor was also present Melissa Ulto. Thank you to La Bruja, who is a legendary Poet /MC, for welcoming us into the Nuyorican.

Thank you to Full Circle Souljahs for help with the ongoing funding support! The United Hip hop Vanguard project will keep connecting dots and uplifting our dance community.

Instagram @Bgirl_herstory and @Cuda.Culture were also in the house and helped with promotions.

You can find out more info and how to screen this time capsule film @alltheladiessay or click here to All the Ladies Say Website.

We also had a screening online for the Seattle Cypher Queenz with Lady Champ and Rokafella taking questions about the Bgirl lifestyle then and now. Thank you Miss May and The Good Foot Arts Collective for the support and leadership.

All the Ladies Say thanks Third World Newsreel, Hip hop Education Center, Bronx Council on the Arts, Ladies First Fund, Momma's Hiphop Kitchen, The Ford Foundation, DJKs360/ Kwikstep music director and the editor and media manager Melissa Ulto plus all who have participated and contributed to the creation of the time capsule and labor of love of the film. Asia One held her weekend of Healing for local Bgirls in her annual Break Like Girl event. This time they collaborated with Shero Collective to offer wellness workshops and dance career focused panels. The Vanguard helped to fund this project and is excited that so much movement is happening with our sisters. We look forward to participate in the Bboy Summit this Summer.

Sam (10K Movement) organized a dance training for the local youth in Ohio with Kwikstep so they can continue to pick up technique as well as cultural aspects of Breakin. Thank you to DJ Forrest Gump who also hosted a Behind The Groove party with Kwikstep/DJ KS360.

We look forward to bringing visibility to Breakin and Hip hop dance during the Dance Parade NYC on May 20. The parade float will center Hip hop dance also celebrating its 50th and inviting OG's and Young G's of different styles to join in on the festivities. More details soon to follow.

Thank you to all who are working within the cultural ethos of Breakin and how it brings forth Hip hop as an expression of a people building new futures.

Hip hop is not dead, we are still rockin it! Be encouraged.

For updates on your Breakin family and their activities - Check these IG accounts: @cuda.culture @10k.movement @furiousstylescrew @bgirl_herstory @bboysummitofficial @fullcirclesouljahs @alltheladiessay @noeasypropsorg

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