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No Excuses

Our dance family from Seattle who founded The Good Foot Arts Collective offered their “No Excuses” training in NYC for Sexual Assault Awareness Month on April 5th. It was hosted by Rokafella at Hostos Community College in the Longwood Arts gallery space in the Bronx. May, Louis and Esther offered a condensed workshop about violence prevention and how to create safe spaces by encouraging awareness of our own ingrained beliefs. The program offered tools to help identify red flags of normalized abusive behavior. Each attendee was given a No Excuses Booklet and Flip book. It was an eye opening and insightful training that inspired us all to pass on the knowledge gained to foster safe spaces in our dance communities. Shout out to Bougie Cutie Boards and Patricia for providing the food station. Thank you to Full Circle Souljahs and Felix Arrocho for making this experience possible for our NYC dancers. Salute to the No Excuses team for initiating this campaign that is helping to build our dance scene to be even stronger for the future. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this training in August! 

Congratulations to Bgirl May who also shared insights as a Hip hop Violence Prevention advocate during the Fresh Bold and So Def “Women in Hip hop Tribute” conference at Lincoln Center on April 3rd. Thank you Martha Diaz for making space to include May in the panel discussion and Bgirl GI Jane with CUDA to offer dance workshops to the youth. 

Full Circle is gearing up for the 18th annual dance parade on May 18th by once again partnering with local dance organizations so young Street Dance stars are represented alongside the elders of the community. Shout out to All the Ladies Say, Behind the Groove, BGirl Herstory, Roundz of Flame, Bougie Cutie Boards, NXGN foundation, New York Collective, Swift Characterz, 360 Flow Dance Studio and CUDA. If you would like to march with us in the parade you can let us know by contacting us here with a direct message and register here:  Write Full Circle / Behind the Groove as the preferred group. 

The UHHV will help sponsor a Bgirl workshop and discussion organized by Bgirl BabyGirl for “Battle for New York”produced by Bboy Speedy D May 25th. CUDA will host its Santa Cruzan festival in Jersey City during that memorial day weekend. May 25th and 26th will also be the date for the “Express your Skills” in Puerto Rico with an added Salsa group category this year. Bgirl Nfini T from NYC will offer an All Styles Dance workshop and judge the All Styles dance contest. Time Machine Squad will celebrate its 35th anniversary on October 18th so mark your calendars to join the celebration in Puerto Rico!

Coming up in the Summer, we are looking forward to sponsoring Bboy Pop enter the Breakin 1v1 in Cleveland, Ohio for 10K Movement’s 4th annual Lords of the Land event. 

For updates on events happening in NYC check out the Full Circle newsletter here:

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