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The Return of Express your Skillz !

Pictured above, Nightshadow/ TMS, Renegade/ TMS, Odin/FSC, Kannon/FSC, Kwikstep founder of Full Circle, Bboy House, founder Furious Styles Crew.

The annual Express Your Skills event in Puerto Rico had a triumphant return this year which also celebrated the 34th Anniversary of Time Machine Squad as a long standing Breakin/Streetdance crew from the island! The event had been on hiatus since the pandemic, so this year’s celebration was especially inspiring because it also marked Hip hop’s 50th anniversary. We want to thank all who helped with the organizing for their dedication to offering events that unite and uplift the scene.

Grand Wizzard Theodore performed at the event and at La Respuesta and also shared his experience in an interview with Local DJ Predator on his podcast El Museo de Dj Predator.

Bboy House and his crewmates (Odin and Kannon) from Furious Styles Crew shared his knowledge and the dance with the youth of the Puerto Rico dance scene. Rokafella and Kwikstep taught workshops also and performed together as well. The panel discussion shared insight and responded to various online questions from participants who watched via the Livestream. Attendees were able to hear how a Breaker from Arizona has become a professor which in turn helps young dancers to think of taking their love of dance into new lanes. The panel discussion also shared how afro Puerto Rican women in the scene are taking serious steps to create visibility for young girls. Aspiring dancers traveled from different towns to share their choreography and root for other dance teams. Kwikstep played music for the Breakin finals. Congrats to all the dancers who competed and to those who became champs! All who attended enjoyed MC Maria Isa’s rap show and listened to the beatbox show by Black Rhythm. They have both established themselves as well respected Hip hop artists. It was indeed an intense heat wave nearing 110 degrees Fahrenheit but cool water and food was offered as well as a cooling station with fruits and snacks for anyone who felt sick.

Coming up!

No Easy Props is planning their annual event July 13-15th in Los Angeles, California. To find more information go to their website:

and From July 27- 29th, 10K Movement is hosting their third Lords of the Land multi styled event in Cleveland, Ohio! You can register online at:

Happy 50th anniversary to our Hip hop family Worldwide!

Thank you to the Ford Foundation for supporting the work we do and all who help with our efforts to uplift the community. We plan to collaborate with the Puerto Rico community as well as to maintain the relationship with Furious Styles Crew as they celebrate their 30th anniversary celebration in November. You can stay connected by checking out the Vanguard Instagram account for weekly updates.

Bboy House teaching a workshop at Express your Skills

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