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The Torch is Lit...

It was a great 1st meeting and seeing some new faces in the place, along with the sharing felt really good. We briefly discussed the calendar of UHHV events in Cleveland, Miami, Arizona, Denver, and Los Angeles. We will be having IG lives at each event, so please remember to follow @unitedhiphopvanguard and watch and support the IG lives please by spreading the word. WE are doing this work together to share culture, teach, inspire, bring awareness, increase knowledge, skills and Hip-Hop cultural understanding and unity.

Our NEW website is live and will continue to improve design wise and as a connection to the Breakin/ Hip hop dance community.

If you are having a cultural event please shoot us the flier and we will try to get it up on the site.

Mic check mic, check ins lol.. Shout out to our new attendees dance teachers Lea and Desmond from Harlem and a once dancer turned novelist Khadeja/ Published Measures.

-Savan from the UK with EPIC jam @epicjam_ were also present and shared their feelings of feeling isolated in their efforts to bring culture to the Breakin scene. They felt encouraged hearing the work and the comments from everyone.

-R. Dazzle reminded everyone to embrace young people as they step into Hip hop dance so we don't shun them in our desire to preserve Hip hop.

-Ze Motion was happy to see everyone and has offered to see about getting T shirts printed. We will look into a service that handles manufacturing, sales and shipping, maybe to add to the website.

-Wyno added that he feels like many people who are reaching their mid 30's and 40's are having a spiritual awakening and are now trying to bring the soul to Hip hop and it is important.

-Bgirl Rose reminded us to follow our hearts and go with our hearts when we see there is a need to be filled. We all have a power inside.

- Asia recommended us to go outside/to experience nature and see people.. not to get careless and get sick.. but to avoid isolation.

-Vcky Smalls said we need to connect more so we can feel stronger and she also encourages us to reach out to youth and support them.

-Rok shared her gratitude and respect for the very skilled B girl Ghebrielle for her UHHV web design and support. She is an excellent designer with Wix. More tabs and video will be added. You can follow her on Ig @wixdesignr

-Kwik shared the details for next week's first Vanguard culture happening in Cleveland Ohio. Flyer above states the schedule. Also scheduled will be a Zoom link for those who would like to tune in virtually and participate with comments etc.

-Asia spoke about the Afghani effort to bring the group to safety and that we can do more as a hip hop network.

Here is the Guardian article link please share with your community so they can see that Hip hop can do more than sell records or material.

Our hearts and prayers go out the people of the Ukraine at this time!

Stay tuned for pictures and video from this weekend, our first Vanguard cultural activation! Thank you again to all of you who were present in the previous meetings.

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