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From Jersey City to Phoenix, Arizona

Aiko, Kwik, Rok, Stuntman, Asia and Alien Ness at FSC Anniversary panel discussion. Credit: @Odinseyecreations

We set off November with “Off the Hook Jam” in Jersey City organized in part by Bgirl G.I. Jane and CUDA Culture who were able to introduce the Breaking Code of Conduct. She shared how The Code of Conduct was created after a Vanguard meeting identified the need for emotional safety as a priority. G.I. Jane made copies of the code available to those interested. Congratulations to CUDA for taking the lead in advocating for safe spaces in our community, we salute you! If you would like a copy or an orientation please contact us.

Members of the United Hip Hop Vanguard including Asia One, Rokafella,Kwikstep, Frankie Flave and Aiko flew to Phoenix, Arizona to celebrate with Furious Styles Crew for their 30th anniversary. It was a three day event that started with a knowledge drop panel discussion on day one, featuring Rokafella, Kwikstep, Asia One, Alien Ness, Stuntman and Aiko Shirakawa as panelists. The Panel discussion was followed by Documentary and Short Film screenings. Among others, Cyphers8 presented a five minute clip from their half hour long documentary supported by the Vanguard. On Day 2 and 3 there were Dance, DJ and graffiti Battles as well as performances. Congrats to the winners and to all those who competed and rocked the cyphers! We were inspired by all the generations of talent in addition to rocking with all the guests from around the world who attended. It was empowering to be at a Hip hop event at a prestigious space like the Herberger Theater. Congratulations to Furious Styles Crew on your longevity in the Arizona dance scene, holding it down for 30 years is a true accomplishment! We see all you do and it is a testament to your legacy!


Dec 2nd - Roundz of Flamez in NYC is the last event of the year with multi style battles, performances and special guest cyphers!

As the year closes out, we would like to thank our collaborators in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Cleveland, Canovanas, PR and Seattle for trusting us to help reaffirm the work you already are doing out here. We look forward to more connections and next level building for 2024. Thank you to the Ford Foundation for providing two years of National and Local dance life support.

Happy Holidays!

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