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Stepping into the future

2024 is off to a busy and promising start. The Vanguard convened with our collaborators from Los Angeles, Cleveland, Puerto Rico, Phoenix and Seattle to look at 2023 in review and discuss upcoming events and how we can support another year of community building and Hip hop dance culture preservation and expansion. We are excited to share these upcoming dates with you and hope that you add them to your calendar and can join us.

Feb 17th NY Breakers Alliance meeting 

May 18th Dance Parade NYC

May 25-26th Express Your Skills Canovanas, PR

May 26th Santa Cruzan Festival Jersey City, New Jersey

July 20th Bboy Summit Los Angeles, CA

July 25 26th Lords of the Land Cleveland OH

August Graffiti Hall of Fame NYC

Oct 5 For the Love of it  Seattle WA

Nov 16th Furious Styles Crew Anniversary

The code of conduct for dance studios that came together through meeting with the NYC breaking alliance have been printed and are available for posting at your studio sessions. Please contact GI Jane or Mantis to get your copy.

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