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July Recap | August Events

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

It was great to experience the rebirth of the Bboy Summit in Los Angeles this year! Asia One definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations with her line up of activities including a women’s Robot contest and the Far Side (notice the spelling is different due to record label impositions– read the fine print on your contracts or they will do a Prince on you) concert. Shout to the DJ’s Mark Luv, Smurf, Skeme Richards and to the legendary LA Boppers who did their routine and solos like it was 1979! Thank you to Medusa and Funky Maya as hosts who energized everyone!

The Vanguard panel discussion was insightful because everyone on the panel had inspiring testimonials to share regarding mental health, how evolution helps to sustain longevity, much needed behavioral changes outside of the dance floor, negotiating with commercial entities and community strength building. The discussion was archived by Odin Eye Creations and is available on this youtube link Bboy Bgirl Summit 2022 Discussion Panel

The battles were inspiring and the ultimate circle with local OG’s was undeniably a super highlight! Thank you to Grand Wizzard Theodore for playing the beats for the OG throwdown! Shout to EZ Rock and Bboy Don and all the dancers who got down. Kwikstep rocked a Behind the Groove set to close out Day 2 making everyone jam onstage and on the grass!! Congrats to all the winners of the 1v1, 5on5 and Bonnie and Clyde Battles! Shout to Joe from the legendary Fat Beats Hip hop Record shop who was present and giving away vinyl and CD’s from their extensive collection! It was a labor of love and we want to thank Asia one Lori Lo and Yaya plus all the volunteers and vendors and caterers! Shout to Zulu Gremz Ken Swift Alien Ness and those who helped with park permits security and sound equipment setup / break down!!

We are now gearing up to attend Big Wyno’s SkillFest in Portland Oregon last week of August. So stay tuned for more info! 2022 has been a full year of collaborations and mutual reaffirmations of the journey and the movement to sustain cultural aspects vibrant and moving into the future confidently. Thank you to the designers and assistants who keep the IG and this website going! We expect to continue this work in 2023 and to keep you all connecting with each other as time passes. We are the network, each of us is necessary and worthy of respect.

Thank you House, Sam, Asia, Ian, Kwikstep Wyno and Rok. Our longstanding crews and organizations are bright beacons and pillars.

Please check out the video here that was just added onto the media section of this website called Critical Minds. It was shot and edited last year 2021 by No Easy Props and CypherSt8. THANK YOU for taking the time to drop valuable testimonials and recommendations for our community to move forward despite the challenges each new year brings.

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