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Looking forward to 2024

Rocka Jamez and Kwikstep at Roundz of Flame

 Rocka Jamez hosted his final Roundz of Flame event of the year, a monthly mixed styles exhibition battle event. The Vanguard and Full Circle were proud to support this local event which brings our dance community together. This Roundz of Flame was a multi-generational celebration of dance styles unifying different dance communities in the same room. There were so many dope battles including a honoree performance with Litefeet, Breakin’, Flexn, Krump and House styles.

You can watch the Honoree performance here:

Click the link to watch some of the other battles on the Roundz of Flame YouTube channel here:

We look forward to Roundz of Flame in 2024!

Hallow Dreamz at Roundz of Flame

February, the Vanguard will be supporting Break Thru, a 2-day event organized by Bgirl Sick Vic  featuring Bboy and Bgirl wellness workshops on Feb 10th followed by a breaking jam on Feb 22nd with prizes for Cypher king and queen as well as a graffiti showcase and a DJ performance. This event was an idea that came about through the Breaking Bread meetings in which the New York Breaking Alliance was formed. These meetings began February of 2023 and members have since continued to come together to discuss ways support unity and cultural awareness in the NYC breaking scene. 

As we welcome in the new year, we would like to thank our collaborators. We look forward to new connections and next level building for 2024 as well as a full year of events that uplift the local dance legacies in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Cleveland, Canovanas, PR, Seattle and Jersey City. Thank you for trusting us to help reaffirm the work you already are doing out here. Thank you to the Ford Foundation for providing two years of National and Local dance life support. Please check these collaborators to become familiar with their culture based programs.

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